Upcoming Event

Don’t forget our fun afternoon at Quob stables is coming up on April 19th. It’s a great opportunity to come along and meet us and find out more about what we do. For more details please click HERE.


We are currently at full capacity and regret we will be unable to take any more horses in for the forseeable future. For details of other equine charities who may be able to assist please visit www.newc.co.uk.  Thank you.

What we do

We are a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of ponies and horses. Our stables and 8 acres of grazing are in Curdridge, not far from Southampton in Hampshire, UK (details here). Here we have the ponies and horses who have come to us for rescue and are not yet ready for loan or adoption, and we also have a few of our long-term ‘residents’ who are just part of the organisation and will always live here.

Read more about our history here …

How you can get involved

You can get involved with our pony and horse rescue charity and support us in a lot of ways:

  • come and visit us (even if you if you are on holiday with your family) for a great experience and to learn how we rescue and rehabilitate the animals. Currently by special appointment only.
  • join us and get member’s benefits, or volunteer some in helping with the pony and horse care, rehabilitation, fundraising or charity administration
  • send us a donation or leave a legacy in your will
  • find out more about ‘virtually’ adopting a pony or horse, offering¬† or re-homing
  • Report a pony or horse that you know is in distress, or talk to us about one that cannot stay in its current home
  • Offer commercial sponsorship in the form of goods, services or money

Even if you cannot do anything practical at the moment, please send our link to your friends on twitter, facebook or other contacts to make sure that everyone who is concerned about supporting a charity hears about what we do.

Thank you


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Did you know there is an easy way you can help raise funds for us while doing your xmas shopping online?You can shop online at many of your favourite stores through easy fundraising at no extra cost to you. For each purchase made a cash back donation will be made to our group. Just go to the website, register as a user and type our name into the charity box – easy! Please do have a go if your shopping online as every little helps. Thanks!


  2. Jane parsons said:

    I am looking for an companion for my horse,as my old boy( 30 ) it is his last winter.i am looking for a gelding ,that can live out but there are field shelters in all the fields,and not worry when I take my boy out to ride.
    If you could help ,please contact me

    • fallan1 said:

      Hello Jane,

      we don’t have anything on site at present but if something suitable comes up I will let you know. In the meantime have a look at http://www.newc.co.uk or http://www.horses4homes.net. I also know that the blue cross have a lot of horses looking for homes so it may be worth contacting them. Regards Fay Allan-Banting, wlefare officer

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